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Enrollment for Summer Camp starts 3/16/2015! Please Click Here for Our Camp Schedule. Register Anytime in Person!

After the success of Saratoga Star Aquatics, the owner took advantage of the opportunity to open another brand new, unique facility complex, with two large indoor pools, a full size fitness center and a cafeteria serving healthy fare in commuter-friendly Milpitas. With convenient freeway access from neighboring cities, the new aquatic and fitness center offers indoor swimming lessons, competitive swimming, lap swimming, summer camps, steam and sauna, cardio machines, weight training machines, free weights, aerobics, yoga classes, and much more.

Best of all, there is a cafeteria serving hot and cold sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies, specialty coffees, and more. The cafe is next to the pool and features a glass wall, so you can watch your little swimmers do their thing while you sip your latte and chat with your friends, if that is your kind of unique experience and enjoyment. Learning, exercise, health and enjoyment are our design. It is a great place for families, because there is something for everyone.

As the only facility of its kind in the Bay Area, this unique complex offers flexibility, too. You can choose monthly or annual gym memberships, swimming memberships, or just pay the walk-in fee. Whether you are an active family on the go, or that is a goal you are working toward, it can be difficult to find time to get some exercise and enjoy a healthy meal with your kids in this hectic, drive-through window world. Fortunately, Milpitas Star Aquatics and Fitness and Cafe AQUA provide a simple, convenient solution.

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